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NOMAGE4 – Halden 2011

Program NOMAGE4 seminar in Halden

30 October

18:30-21:00: Reception at Park hotel

31 October

8:15 Registration
Chairman: Rudi Van Nieuwenhove
8:30 Introduction to IFE and the Halden Reactor Project The Halden Project aims to increase the collaboration with Universities Margaret McGrath, IFEFridtjov Øwre, IFE
8:55 European Program on Materials Research for Generation IV reactors Fazio Concetta, KIT
9:20 The NOMAGE4 network Rudi Van Nieuwenhove, IFE
9:45 The Swedish industry’s role and view on GenIV Annika Olsson, Åma Uppsala University
10:10 The Swedish GENIUS project Peter Szakalos, KTHAne HåkanssonHardy Christian Ekberg
10:35 Coffee break
Chairman: Serguei Gavrilov
11:00 MYRRHA: An Innovative and Unique Research Facility Hamid Ait Abderrahim, SCK-CEN
11:25 Gen-IV research in Finland Riita Kyrki-Rajamäki, Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT Energy
11:50 Transient Analysis of the European Lead Cooled System ELSY Milan Tesinsky, KTH
12:15 Lunch
Chairman: Serguei Gavrilov
13:30 Transmutation of Americium in Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors Youpeng Zhang, KTH
13:55 Materials for nuclear applications Sten Anders Wilson, Sandvik
14:20 Canadian R&D Effort on Gen IV materials Wenyue Zheng, NRCan, CANMET-MTL
14:45 Posters
15:10 End presentations
15:30-17:00 Visit to reactor site
17:15 Visit to workshop
19:00 Dinner at Haldens Klub


1st  November

Chairman: Peter Szakalos
8:15 Evaluation of corrosion resistance of experimental FeCrAl alloys in liquid Pb Jesper Ejenstam, KTH
8:40 Material issues for design and licensing of MYRRHA ADS system Serguei Gavrilov, SCK-CEN
9:05 Activities of the HRP into research for Generation IV reactors Rudi Van Nieuwenhove, IFE
9:30 In-pile test of a small scale fuel assembly under supercritical water conditions Thomas Schulenberg, KIT
9:55 Effect of surface modification on the corrosion resistance of 316L in SCW Sami Penttilä, VTT
10:20 Water chemistry for SCWR Markéta  Zychova, Research Centre Rez Ltd
10:45 Coffee break
Chairman:  Teodora Retegan
11:00 Corrosion and SCC material testing in SCW in JRC IE Petten Radek Novotny, JRC IE Petten
11:25 Spent nuclear fuel recycling using PRISM David Powell, GE Hitachi
11:50 Advanced Radiation Resistance Materials (ARRM) DevelopmentProgram for LWR Applicationsreplaced by: Pulsed Plasma Surface Treatment Larry Nelson, JLN ConsultingRune Hoel
12:15 The potential use of thorium-based fuels in existing reactor designs. Sunniva Rose , Sunniva Siem Univ. of Oslo,Jon Wilson, IPN Orsay
12:40 Lunch  
Chairman: Sami Penttilä
13:40 Testing of Fuels and Materials for Next Generation Reactors at HFR Petten Jaap van der Laan, NRG, Petten
14:05 Extraction of Th from Norwegian mineral resources Tor Bjørnstad, IFE
14:30 In-pile and out-of pile testing to predict fuel cladding failures Anna-Maria Alvarez ,Studsvik Nuclear
14:55 Material characterization capabilities at IFE-Kjeller Barbara Oberländer, IFE
15:20 End



Øivind Berg and Svein Nøvik, IFE/HRP, Thorium resources in Norway and potential application in Generation-IV reactors

Risto Vanhanen, Aalto University, Assessment of Feasibility of Thorium Fuel in BWRs

Rune Hoel, MOTecH Plasma a.s, Pulsed plasma surface treatment

Aarnio Pertti, Simulating transmutation in Myrrha with Fluka MC-code

Heikki Suikkanen, Ville Rintala, Pebble bed reactor core modeling